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Plain View Press gives contemporary voice to a far-flung community of humane and passionate writers and readers.

Plain View Press is a 36-year-old issue-based literary publishing house. We have published over 350 titles presenting the work of almost 500 national and international writers. We publish contemporary literature — poetry, fiction, memoir and nonfiction.

"Despite evidence that relentless violence has taken root worldwide, there is hope and there are artists to show the human face of it."

Susan Bright, Poet/Publisher, 2010


Plain View Press is a community of writers, artists, readers and activists who, together and individually, do amazing work. If you're already a PVP writer or artist, you and your readers can now add reviews to your title entries in our Zencart.

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Newly Released
Under the Sign of the Samovar by Marcia Katz Wolf;
It's All About Shoes edited by Pamela Laskin, Those Bones at Goliad by Judith Austin Mills, Desert Daughter by Nancy Key Roeder, Pictures in the Firestorm, Second Edition by Laren Rusk; Uncle Feyegle, Hardback Edition by Ahron Taub; Prayers of a Heretic, Hardback Edition, Ahron Taub; Carl, Willi, and Blanche, revised, by Barbara de la Cuesta; Alberix the Celt Book 2: Hear Again the Lark by Albert Noyer, Everyday Objects: poems by Edward A. Dougherty, Mush: from sled dogs to celiac by Tara Caimi, Ring of Fire by George Keithley.

Releases 2013-2014
Plateye: An African Spirit of Fear Haunts Post-Colonial Georgia by Jennifer Noyer; Stalked in Connecticut by Martha Deborah Hall; The REAL Guide for Alzheimer's Care: Rementia through Engagemet, Assistance and Love by Kassandra King; The Sacrament of the Goddess by Joe Niemczura; The Corporate Kid: Rainbow After the Storm by Nicloe Montez; Accidental Joy by Judith Austin Mills; Alberix the Celt Book 1: Weep the Long Sorrow by Albert Noyer; Changing Spaces by Nancy King; Weight of Light by Martha Deborah Hall; Things I Learned the Hard Way by Esteban Colon; The Fate Motif: Poems by Douglas Nordfors; Alchemy of Desire by Daianlee Velie; Prayers of a Heretic by Yermiyahu Ahron Taub; One for the Money, Two for the Sluice by Albert Noyer; How Therapists Dance by Dane Cervine
Releases Nov/Dec 2012
Carl, Willi and Blanche by Barbara de la Costa, Sojourn at Dusk by Eve Ottenberg, Heading Toward Silver Dust by Martha Deborah Hall, and Isabelle's Dream by Madelline Hermann.
Releases Jan/Feb 2012
Bursting With Danger and Music, The Fear of Love, The Hide of My Tongue, Lessons from the Borderlands, Manzanita Seed, The News Factory, The Nun, port of call, The Putneyville Fables, The Rescuer's Path, While the Blanket Is Short Learn to Curl Up, Sleepwalkers
Releases Oct/Nov 2011
At Work in the Bridal Industry, Going to the Well: A Mother-Daughter Journey, Nothing Left to Lose, How Far Tomorrow, One Amber Bead, Pacharan Dreams
Releases June 2011
Days Like These, Flame Dancer, Alabama Light & Power Co, Some Days: Poetry of a Psychotherapist
Releases April 2011
Augustus, The Ghosts of Glorieta, Just a Few Feathers, King of the Wild Suburb, Layla, The Way Home, Wind in the Aspens
Releases Jan 2011
Bend, Break, Inside Out: Poems From the Lives Of Five Accomplished Women, Middle-East MezzeNo Father Can Save Her, Of Jibaros and Hillbillies, Pola: The Mysterious Communications Of a Gone Woman, Prayers of the Shaman, Uncle Feygele, Wheelchair Samurai 
Releases Fall 2010
Elemental, Looking Up At the Bottom Line, Ode To Fragile, Night Call, Rhapsody For Lessons Learned Or Remembered, Soul Proprietorship: Women In Search Of Their Souls, Ishtar's Songs: Iraqi Poetry Since the 1970s
Releases Summer 2010
Additions and Subtractions, The Art of Folding, Body and Echo, Born With a Rusty Spoon, Bye Bye Blackbird, Conspiracy Of Leaves, Maternity Labyrinth, A Matter Of Happenstance, Meet Me At the Met, Paul Bunyan Lives! and Other Tales From the Natural World, Red Has No Reason, Secret Weeping Of Stones, Selfhood and U.S. Democracy, Strange Conveyances, The Spoken Body, What Pearl Harbor Wroght, Wind Came Running
Releases Spring 2010
Some From Zacatecas, Rendered Invisible, Making Gumbo In the University, Not Every Woman Swooned, Saints & Cannibals, Some Women's Lives


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Opening Gates by Nancy King; Shadowprints by Kim Zabel; Are You There by Victor Rizzo, Morning Light by Nancy King.

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Layla by Celine Keating, published in June, 2011, from Plain View Press, was chosen by both HuffPost and Poets & Writers as a must-read book.

Richard Troxell's book Looking Up At the Bottom Line has been sent to every congressional and senate representative and to the mayor of every state!



"It is said that the thirst of Earth's great trees calls water from depths which are invisible causing springs to flow"
- Susan Bright

Poet's Tree at Zilker Park, in honor of Susan Bright
Visit the Susan Bright memorial page


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